Juris Rāts (a.k.a. Advocate) is the main keyboardist with Holy Lamb, which he joined in 1997. Appears on the band's albums 'Salt of the Earth' (1999), 'Beneath the Skin' (2002) and 'Gyrosophy' (2015). 


Guitarist Ansis Markauss joined HL in 2010. His musical talents have been rather well-known in the local rock circuit since his days with a prog-metal band called Morpholatria in the late 1990s. He has released a handful of excellent solo albums and performed as a guest musician with many other Latvian artists. Ansis co-produced the band's latest album 'Gyrosophy' (2015), on which he also provided arrangements, sang backing vocals and played the guitars and other instruments.


Aleksandrs Voļperts (a.k.a. Quizz) is the lead guitarist with Holy Lamb. Also provides some e-bow on the current live version of 'Eternal Winterland', a song originally recorded for the band's debut album. Quizz joined HL in 2004 and recorded two songs with the band in the first decade of this century, 'The Song I Never Knew' (2004) and 'Look toward the Sun' (2009). He appears on the band's latest album 'Gyrosophy' (2015). He was a founding member of the Latvian/Estonian prog metal band called Vital Science (formerly known as Distant Light).


Aigars Červinskis (a.k.a. Spragmunth or Fat) founded Holy Lamb in 1991. Vocalist, lyricist and current bassist. Appears on all four albums that the band has recorded. Co-produced 'Gyrosophy' (2015) with Ansis.


Gustavs Pauna is the current drummer in the band. He joined them in the summer of 2015 and made his first live appearance with the band at the Rock-up Festival in Latvia. He is a formally trained musician, trains buding drummers and plays professionally with Latvian jazz artists. Instruments played (other than drums): guitar, piano; can also sing.




Toms Circenis was the drummer with Holy Lamb from late 2010 until summer 2015. It was with him that the band recorded their fourth album, 'Gyrosophy'


Eva Bindere, violinist (1992-1994), appears on 'Bite in the Dust'; guests on 'Down the Memory Hole' (album 'Gyrosophy')


Liene Sējāne, guest flautist on 'In the Safety of My Hilltop Empire' and 'To the Boy I Used to Be' from 'Gyrosophy'


Reinis Sējāns, guest vocalist on 'To the Boy I Used to Be' from 'Gyrosophy'


Kristiāna Kārkliņa, guest vocalist on 'Trouble Vision' from 'Gyrosophy'


Jānis Burmeisters played the drums for Holy Lamb from 2008 till 2010. Appeared on the studio version of the song 'Look toward the Sun'. Jānis is also known for being the drummer with Tesa, a heavy post-rock/stoner act, and one of the best tattoo artists in Rīga!


Uldis Ēlerts (a.k.a. Ludis) played the guitar in Holy Lamb and provided a few keyboard parts on several songs. He joined HL in 1993, left the band in 2002 and then re-joined in 2008 to leave again a couple of years later. Appears on the first three albums by Holy Lamb: 'Bite in the Dust' (1994/96), 'Salt of the Earth' and 'Beneath the Skin'


Ēriks Červinskis, drummer, co-founder (1991-1999, 2006), appears on 'Bite in the Dust' and 'Salt of the Earth'


Ēriks Jugāns, lead guitarist (1991-1993), appears on the demo 'Love to Eat' (1992)


Uģis Zemītis (a.k.a. Qba), bassist (1991-2009), appears on the first three albums


Ivo Blūms (a.k.a. Muffin), guitarist, one show in 1992


Igors Noskovs, keyboardist (1993-1994)


Antra Purviņa, cellist & backing vocalist (1992-1994)


Reinis Birznieks, guest cellist on 'Bite in the Dust'


Orests Silabriedis, pianist, additional vocalist and co-arranger (1992-1994), guest singer on 'Wear It in the Morning' (album 'Beneath the Skin')


Valters Feists, guitarist (1994), appears on 'Bite in the Dust'


Ieva Pudāne, flautist (1992-1994), appears on 'Bite in the Dust', guests on 'Stars Fell on Fertile Lands' ('Beneath the Skin')


Valters Feists, guitarist (1994), appears on 'Bite in the Dust'


Jānis Valters, keyboardist (1994-1997), appears on 'Bite in the Dust'


Deniss Paškevičs, flautist (1996)


George Steele, narrator on 'The Sea', the closing track on 'Salt of the Earth' (1999)


Ieva Parša, guest singer on 'The Sea' (album 'Salt of the Earth')


Mikus Rullis, drummer (1999-2005 + one show in 2007), appears on 'Beneath the Skin' and 'The Song I Never Knew'


Andris Šmaukstelis, guest singer on 'The Meeting of the Majorminors' ('Beneath the Skin')


Valdis Indrišonoks, guest singer on 'The Plan that Failed' ('Beneath the Skin')


Arturs Tiesnieks, backing singer on 'Makhtartam & the Low Brotherhood' ('Beneath the Skin')


Romāns Klintsons (Pavlovs), backing singer on 'Makhtartam & the Low Brotherhood' ('Beneath the Skin')


Gatis Ivans, guest guitarist for 'The Song I Never Knew' (2004)


Tarass Kuzmenko, drummer (2007 + one show in 2009)


Leons Sējāns, recorded some of the backing tracks for 'Gyrosophy'


Mehmet Uğur Memiş, mix engineer of 'Gyrosophy'


Jon Astley, mastering engineer of 'Gyrosophy'


Tālis Timrots, recording & mix engineer, co-producer of 'Bite in the Dust', 'Beneath the Skin' and 'Look toward the Sun' (song); occasional live sound engineer


Normunds Slava, recording & mix engineer of 'Salt of the Earth'


Armands Treilihs, recording & mix engineer of 'The Song I Never Knew'


Andris Granovskis, occasional live sound engineer (1996-1998)