See you soon in Liepāja!

by Fat 30. August 2017 20:57

Come around and experience a 90-minute showcase of prog wizardry done HL style!

Springtime = Party Time

by Fat 27. February 2011 00:16

Damn right! We had a couple of fantastic gigs with local band Busy Bee (see photos here) and Palindrome from Austria (pictures taken by Ludwig Illo are up on his own website) in the months of March and April 2011.


On March 12, we joined Latvian rockers Busy Bee at the Students' club of Latvian Academy of Music. We were invited as special guests to bring a "proggy" edge to the hosting band's and their frontman Flame's birthday party. For Holy Lamb, this was the first live performance to feature lead guitarist Ansis Markauss who joined the band last autumn. Our former drummer Jānis Burmeisters helped us out on this occasion since our current skinsman Toms was unable to make it due to a business commitment. To see a selection of pics from this gig, click on the link above or the photo below.


The Nabaklab gig (April 9) saw Holy Lamb's first ever live appearance with newcomer Toms Circenis on drums. We opened for the mighty Palindrome from Vienna. They did an excellent show at last year's Baltic Prog Fest and it's really great that they decided to come back to the Baltics again. Those interested may check out their profile on MySpace. As regards Holy Lamb's live set, we did a couple of numbers: 'Winterlude', an instrumental track with a fantastic outro section composed by our guitarist Quizz, and 'iINTHESKY' (sorry, we'd done this one in Liepāja last summer, but still new to Rigans).

What a Thrill!

by Fat 23. August 2010 08:05

As we all had quietly expected, the gig at Liepaja's Fontaine Palace last Friday, August 20, proved to be a wonderful experience. It was good to be back and equally good to see that the town has every reason to call itself 'the rock capital of Latvia'. Want to know why? Though I can't speak for the rest of the band, but I do suspect that most of the other guys will join me on this: Louie Fontaine and his crew have done an immensely terrific job to turn the embankment area into something any other Latvian town can only dream about. A club, probably the best in the whole country, a hotel with another live music facility called Fire Bar, a travel agency, a 24h fast food mall, restaurants and plenty of other attractions. Definitely worth checking out!


We arrived at the venue at around 9:00 pm and did a brief sound-check. An hour later we started wondering whether we would be the only live act as there were no signs of the Russian band Infront who were supposed to be the night's main attraction. Shortly before midnight it was clear they wouldn't show up, which was a shame, really. All the entertainment was now entirely up to us and the friendly DJ Marcus! After a quick word with him, mostly related to the number of songs after which we'd be ready to kick off, we found ourselves on this large stage and dived into the opener, 'The Lingering Dream'. As we'd promised before, our live set included a few new tunes besides the older ones. Thus, the enthusiastic Fontaine Palace crowd deserved a premiere of 'I in the Sky', the most recent instrumental addition to our live set which also included, apart from the two aforementioned tracks, 'Whoever Designed this Game', 'Beneath the Skin 1 & 2', 'The Meeting of the Majorminors', 'Eternal Winterland', 'The End - Headturn's Release', 'Trouble Vision', 'Amazing Race' and 'Makhtartam & the Low Brotherhood' (encore).


The gear at Fontaine Palace was absolutely fabulous, the sound was crisp and clear, so it's easy to see why most artists recommend this venue to others. It's a shame we don't have any video footage from Fontaine Palace to share with you, but we did have a photo camera to capture a few moments both on and off the stage (see the page list entry on the right or click on the pic below).


Stay tuned for more news from the HL headquarters!



by Fat 31. July 2010 08:02

Thanks to all of you who came to the Dasputnik and Holy Lamb gig at the Nabaklab club in Riga last Thursday, July 29. We owe you for making it a night to remember! And apologies for keeping you waiting: there's no other way but to get better at sticking to our schedules. :) See you in Liepaja next Friday, August 20!


Below: Tuomas (left) and Sini of Dasputnik during their show at the Nabaklab.


Back from Vilnius

by Fat 26. May 2010 07:51

Just returned from Vilnius where we performed with The Skys (Lithuania), Appleseed (Poland) and John Young Band (UK) on Sunday, May 23. Unfortunately, the crowd was even smaller than in Riga two days earlier, which resulted in Holding Pattern (US) not playing at all that night. Otherwise it was great to be in Vilnius again (thanks a lot, Jonas!). We definitely had some fun, although three of us had to leave for Riga after the show. The big surprise that night was Appleseed from Poznan -- a wonderful mixture of prog and post-rock, so fans of Sigur Ros, Mogwai, Godspeed and the like should check them out. Let's see if we can bring them over to Latvia in a few months. As for me, the gigs in Riga and Vilnius were the first occasions that I was playing the bass, so I'd love to hear a bootleg from either town. :)