Debut album re-mastered and uploaded to our Bandcamp site

by Fat 22. June 2019 00:01

It is our pleasure to let you know that we are celebrating the 25th anniversary of the recording of our debut album this month!


It was in June 1994 that a bunch of desperate youngsters booked one of the very few decent, up-to-date recording studios here in Riga with the aim to immortalise a handful of songs. We got some big help from the recording engineer Tālis Timrots and a few friends with formal musical education and experience. It was an exciting time to be working on the project that we had put all our hearts and faith into, but had almost no clue what we were actually doing.


The result came out on a cassette tape two years later, in June 1996, so be prepared for another 25th anniversary in 2021. )))


Meanwhile we urge you to sit back in the shade with your speakers at full blast and enjoy the early stuff of ours, now all wonderfully remastered by our friend Tālis.


HL 25th Anniversary Giveaway

by Fat 1. September 2016 18:20

As the band celebrate their 25th anniversary on 1 September 2016, we would like to share a little gem from our early days: pre-master of 'Too Late', the closing track on our debut album 'Bite in the Dust'.