Drum and Bass Tracks Done

by Fat 26. August 2012 21:13

With basic drum tracks and bass parts recorded in late August and at different times between that and early October, respectively, 'Gyrosophy' is starting to take shape.


Meanwhile, keyboard parts are coming in: Advox has done a tremendous job recording at home during weekends, and the sounds we have heard so far are exactly what the music requires. Lots of Hammond, exquisite soloing, lush synth strings and almost anything else one might ask for. Likewise, Quizz has come up with a few home demos of his guitar parts while getting ready for studio work. Depending on studio availability, his sessions are likely to be scattered across the rest of October and the first half of November.


Pics from the drum recording session (with a little bass guitar) can be viewed here.

Recording Sessions for New HL Album Started

by Fat 21. August 2012 08:10

Following a lengthy period of silence, Holy Lamb is finally ready to bring you some exciting news. The 20th of August 2012 marked the beginning of the recording sessions for what will result in "Gyrosophy", Holy Lamb's fourth album, their first in just over 10 years. "Like the album title suggests, it feels we're now at the end of a full cycle of spiralling up and down throughout the last decade. Although some of the moves were quite unpleasant and rather discouraging, somehow we managed to retain the balance in what has been a period of steady development for each one of us and the band as a whole. We would have experienced none of that, had we put out a mediocre album every other year, so there's a certain element of wisdom behind our absence too," comments Aigars Červinskis, the band's founder, bassist and vocalist.


With sound engineer Tālis Timorts at the knobs, the band will spend the next few days laying down the drum tracks for the entire album; the recording sessions for vocals, guitar, bass and keyboard parts are scheduled across September and, possibly, reaching into the first half of October. The finished product is likely to consist of eight titles, a couple of which have been stapling the Holy Lamb live set for a few years now, such as "Trouble Vision" and "This Amazing Race". Since most of the new album is purely instrumental, the players are given a great opportunity to bring their skills to the fore. Meanwhile, the band is talking to certain guest players to see if they would be interested in spicing up the sound. Besides the music, the album cover artwork is the next thing to be sorted out. "If we can get the artwork done according to our original idea, you'll probably want a big poster of that image on your wall," says Aigars.


Progress updates from the studio will be published online here at HL Universe, but you can also LIKE the band's Facebook page to be among the first to get the news.

Up and running again

by Fat 17. December 2010 03:28


It's been a while since our last post, hasn't it? Our website had gone offline at some point in November, but now it's obviously back where it used to be. :)


Anyway... As the website remained down for a few weeks we were unable to give you any news, so here we go now. Where do I start? Right. In August 2010, Holy Lamb was joined by its long-time friend Ansis Markauss (of Latvian prog-metal band Morpholatria), a technically advanced guitarist with a lot of brilliant ideas. This basically means that, for the second time in the band's history, we have parted ways with Uldis 'Ludis' Ēlerts. Two months later three of us attended a concert of contemporary music in Riga which showcased a number of Daniel Denis/Univers Zero compositions among other things. That's where we bumped into Toms Circenis, a drummer we have known for years. To cut the long story short, Toms told us that his previous band, Hospitāļu iela, had broken up, so he accepted our offer to replace Jānis Burmeisters, whom we wish the best of success with his tattoo studio in the old town of Riga and the Tesa band. Interestingly enough, Ansis and Toms had already auditioned for Holy Lamb 8 and 11 years ago, respectively, but their services were turned down by the band in favour of other musicians. Not this time though! Work on new material is well underway, so let's keep our fingers crossed that 2011 brings everything it takes to release the fourth Holy Lamb album. Gosh, it's our TWENTIETH anniversary next September!!!!


The new faces: Ansis (left) and Toms.