Back from Vilnius

by Fat 26. May 2010 07:51

Just returned from Vilnius where we performed with The Skys (Lithuania), Appleseed (Poland) and John Young Band (UK) on Sunday, May 23. Unfortunately, the crowd was even smaller than in Riga two days earlier, which resulted in Holding Pattern (US) not playing at all that night. Otherwise it was great to be in Vilnius again (thanks a lot, Jonas!). We definitely had some fun, although three of us had to leave for Riga after the show. The big surprise that night was Appleseed from Poznan -- a wonderful mixture of prog and post-rock, so fans of Sigur Ros, Mogwai, Godspeed and the like should check them out. Let's see if we can bring them over to Latvia in a few months. As for me, the gigs in Riga and Vilnius were the first occasions that I was playing the bass, so I'd love to hear a bootleg from either town. :)